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Historical Links

The following is a listing of historical societies, groups and organizations from across Canada by Region and their contact information.

Some of the historical links listed below may no longer be open, have moved or have changed, added or removed their web sites so the information may not be 100% accurate. If you have any feedback, find broken links, have new information or know of links that we should post here please email the Webmaster with this information.

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Prairie Region

Society Name


Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum Society AB
Alberta Railway Museum AB
Alberta Prairie Railway AB
Argyle Prairie Museum AB
Bulyea Junction SK
Calgary Heritage Park AB
Canadian Railroad Historical Association AB
CRHA-Calgary & South Western Division AB
Edmonton Radial Railway AB
Great Canadian Plains Railway Society, Galt Historic Railway Park AB
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Station House AB
Heritage Park AB
Prairie Dog Central MB
Rocky Mountain Rail Society (CN 6060) AB
Saskatchewan Railway Historical Association SK
Winnipeg Railway Museum MB