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March 24, 2024

Spring is now upon us, atleast officially, so we can now get out into the sun. Remember to take the newest issue, #87, of The Canadian, with you as it is ready in the members area to view and download.

Be sure to have a look at this issue of The Canadian for all of the features and articles. You can also check out all of the past issues in the members area.

See you all soon at gatherings and meeting in the near future, until then stay healthy and enjoy the sun.

David King

Modular Group Listings

If you are looking for a modular group in your area that would possibly fit into your local train show you may just find that listing here. CARM is developing a listing to include as many modular groups as possible. The modular groups will be listed by province or territory first, from Canada since this is CARM, and than by city. After that we will list other modular groups by country. For each modular group we will try to have a couple of images, a description of the layout, the group name, location, contact information, distance they are willing to travel and if the group is currently accepting new members. If you want to submit your modular group to have it added to the listing be sure to fill out the form on this page. Remember the information for your group may not be fully accurate so please contact us with updates or changes. Thanks.


Ontario MidWestern Chapter
Location: Atwood Ontario Canada
Willing to accept members: Yes Will travel: Upto 100km
Scale: HO Size: 1' by 6'
Description: Small switching layout created to introduce children to the hobby of model railroading. The trackplan is loosely based on a TimeSaver/Inglenook. This layout has appeared at several model train shows in the south-central and midwestern areas of Ontario.
Contact: Steve Hoshel    
Email: Website:

Nottawasaga Model Railroad Club
Location: Wasaga Beach Ontario Canada
Willing to accept members: Yes Will travel: Over 100km
Scale: HO Size: 12' by 32'
Description: Layout size 6' X 26' dogbone oval with DCC. Main features are 4 cycle switch list operation(rarely completed during 2 day shows), Unit train out and back(with switching)operation, Easy set-up and teardown design, Kids (1 to 100 years of age) encouraged to participate in assisted operation or unassisted (groupie or certificate presented).Visit for more photos and info.
Contact: Dolf Roelofsen    
Email: Website:

Seaway Valley Model Railroaders
Location: Morrisburg Ontario Canada
Willing to accept members: Yes Will travel: Upto 50km
Scale: HO Size: 24' by 12'
Description: 2' x 4' modules with different settings. Membership is $25 a season.
Contact: Gary Baillargeon    
Email: Website: Seaway-Valley-Model-Railroaders


G Railers
Location: Regina Saskatchewan Canada
Willing to accept members: No Will travel: Over 100km
Scale: G Size: 20'0" by 40'0"
Description: Modular layout in G scale with handlayed track , double loop with sidings on inside loop. Modules are 2'6'' x 4'0'' except corners. Freelance modelled 1960's Canadian Pacific (and others) prairies with passenger and engine facilities, small town with elevator, countryside and trestles. Both DC track and radio control. Group has four members each owning a portion of the layout. The members come together 2 to 3 times a year to display at local and area shows. Can be seen on the local club web site.
Contact: Ron Coburn    
Email: Website:

Modular Group Data Form

Please fill in every field in this form so that we can present your group properly.

This is a New Listing:       Update Listing: 

Group Name:
City: Province:

Accepting New Members: No:       Yes:       Provisional: 

Will Travel from Home: No:
This is the distance that you are willing travel from your home area to set up at shows Upto 25km:
Upto 50km:
Upto 100km:
Over 100km:

Scale: Typical Setup Size:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Website http://
Form Password: Please enter the password mygroup.
Send two images by e-mail to to have these included in your modular group listing, remember to include your Modular Group name. Images should be JPG file types and no more than 1mb in size.