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Joining CARM

Joining CARM is simple and quick and FREE! The simplest way to join would be to fill out the on-line form and if you are requesting any printed items send your payment to the organization by using PayPal™ or mail a cheque to the address listed below.

Why Join?Joining Banner

CARM promotes friendship, cooperation and services to the railway modeller through national conventions, local chapters, The Canadian (our publication), the website and more.

When you become a member of CARM you are automatically added as a member of the local chapter at no cost. If a chapter doesn't exist in your area you can help start one by contacting the Membership Director for assistance. If you would like to change which chapter you belong to contact the Membership Director and this will be done.

The Canadian is available to all members as an electronic download and each member has the option of receiving a printed version as well. A printed calendar is also available. An additional cost for the printed material is required to cover costs.

Conventions, Meets and Super Meets have become an important part of our organization and take place in different Canadian cities each year. Check the Events page for these events.

This website consists of two sections, the first is open to everyone and includes many pieces of information for everyone to view. The second section is only for our members and this includes information on member layouts, archives of large images dealing with Canadian prototype railroads and all of the past newsletters in electronic format for you to download. The website is forever changing to meet the needs of the membership. As the website goes through changes more and more of the content will be moved in to the members area. Remember that the most basic membership is FREE.

How to Join

You can join by filling out an application form and mail it to us or you can you use the on-line application form that will be added soon. Also be sure to include a payment as shown below if you choose a membership other than just the internet membership.

2023 Member On-Line Form 2023 Member PDF Form

All payments for memberships that include funds please follow these guidelines. All amounts are in Canadian Dollars for residents of Canada. All residents outside of Canada are required to pay in $US. Here you have two choices as you can pay by PayPal™, this is the easiest, or mail us a cheque, Canadian or US only, to the address on the application form and listed below.

Currently we are using the 2017 membership form and this membership form could be updated at any time.

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Payments are made to

Canadian Association Of Railway Modellers
2 Droxford Avenue
Scarborough, ON, M1R 1J9

Types of Memberships

Internet Membership:Free

An Internet membership does not include a hard copy of The Canadian or the Calendar.

General Membership: $36 / Year or $103 / 3 Years

A General membership includes anyone 18 years of age and older. General membership also includes the newsletter, The Canadian, (currently 4 issues per year) and the Calendar.

Internet with Calendar: $12 / Year or $36 / 3 Years

An Internet with Calendar membership includes one calendar per year of paid membership. Calendars are distributed shortly before the end of the year prior to their listed year and those joining after stocks have been exhausted will receive the calendar for the following year when it is distributed.

Club Membership: Contact Us

A Club membership is now just a collection of Internet memberships. If a newsletter and/or a calender is wanted a club can choose a single member to be a General member. Clubs can still be listed on our Club page with or without a membership.

Sponsor: Contact Us

A Sponsor is any other group such as manufacturers and hobby shops who support the industry. The fee for a Sponsor will include a banner ad and a link to their Web site if one exists as well as ads in The Canadian. All Sponsors are encouraged to also become Internet or General members.